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Which two statements about Cisco VM-FEX dynamic vNIC configuration and provisioning by using the Cisco UCS Manager are true? (Choose two.)
A. Dynamic vNIC parameters are configured by using SNMP.
B. Dynamic vNIC parameters must be configured manually before the virtual machine connects to its port group.
C. Dynamic vNIC parameters are configured dynamically after the assigned virtual machine connects to the port group.
D. Dynamic vNIC parameters are enabled by using the Fibre Channel Forwarder protocol.
E. Dynamic vNIC parameters are configured by inheriting the port-group parameters of the associated virtual machines.
Correct Answer: C,D

Which option lists the features that are needed to install VMware ESXi on a local drive from an image file? 100-105 pdf
A. Virtual Media and VMFS
B. Virtual Media and Virtual KVM
C. Virtual Boot and VMFS
D. Virtual KVM and Virtual Boot
Correct Answer: B

100-105 dumps
100-105 dumps
Which of the following is true regarding the configuration of SwitchA? 100-105 dumps
A. only 5 simultaneous remote connections are possible
B. remote connections using ssh will require a username and password
C. only connections from the local network will be possible
D. console access to SwitchA requires a password
Correct Answer: B

Which destination(s) are valid for syslog messages for a Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect?
A. a file and monitor only
B. the log, the monitor and syslog queue
C. the console
D. the console and log only
E. a file
F. the console, the monitor, and a file
Correct Answer: F

Which scheduling option sets the number of tasks that can be run?
A. max number of concurrent tasks
B. max changes
C. max number of tasks
D. max configuration requests
Correct Answer: C

Which authentication provider requires a custom attribute?
D. local authentication
Correct Answer: A

Which three statements about default settings for fabric interconnect uplink ports are true? 100-105 pdf (Choose three.)
A. When a VLAN is configured, it is trunked on all uplinks.
B. Specific VLANs are trunked on specific uplinks.
C. UDLD is enabled.
D. UDLD is disabled.
E. Cisco Discovery Protocol is enabled.
F. Cisco Discovery Protocol is disabled.
G. They connect to the I/O modules.
Correct Answer: A,D,E

When implementing a Cisco UCS C-series standalone server, which of the following Cisco Integrated Management Controller NIC modes allow use of the least number of physical ports while providing maximum levels of redundancy?
A. dedicated
B. shared LOM
C. shared LOM 10G
D. Cisco VIC
Correct Answer: D

When upgrading a standalone Cisco UCS C-Series server, which method is correct? 100-105 dumps
A. direct upgrade on all components
B. Cisco Hardware Upgrade Utility
C. Cisco Host Upgrade Utility
D. Cisco Server Upgrade Utility
Correct Answer: C

Which options are valid port types when configuring fixed 10-Gb LAN interfaces on the Cisco UCS 6200 Series Fabric Interconnects? (Choose three.)
A. monitoring port
B. server port
C. uplink Ethernet port
D. FEX port
E. Fibre Channel storage port
Correct Answer: A,B,C

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