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Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: Cisco Specialist
Exam Name: Installing Cisco TelePresence Video Immersive Systems
Exam Code: 500-005
Total Questions: 50 Q&As
500-005 dumps

New Cisco Specialist 500-005 Dumps Exam Questions And Answers (Q1-Q20)

Which TX9000 display choice is best for reducing possible issues with viewing angles for conference participants?
B. plasma
Correct Answer: B

Which two factors are crucial to the immersive Cisco TelePresence experience? (Choose two.)
A. aesthetics
B. acoustics
C. room shape
D. number of windows
E. number of active participants
F. ceiling height
Correct Answer: AB

The control cable for the 42-inch Auto Collaboration display connects to which component?
A. PS1 codec
B. presentation codec
D. AV expansion box
Correct Answer: C

Which of these determines the specific role for each codec?
A. the firmware
B. wiring position
C. software revision
D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager configuration
Correct Answer: B

Using the following table, correctly identify the location of each component.
Where is each component located?
Hot Area:
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Correct Answer:
500-005 dumps
When using the TX9000 AV expansion box, how many total video output signals can be obtained using a single video input?
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four
E. five
F. six
Correct Answer: D

500-005 dumps Which device is connected to the TX9000 AV expansion box for video input?
A. presentation (TS4) codec
B. collaboration/presentation display
C. center (TS1) codec
D. built-in video splitter
E. left (TS2) and right (TS3) codec
Correct Answer: A

Which three components does the LCU control? (Choose three.)
A. the lighting fixture power
B. the primary codec AV input controls
C. the projector
D. the room HVAC controls
E. the LCD settings
F. the PTZ camera controls
G. the yaw of the camera cluster
Correct Answer: ACE

From where does the LCU receive its instructions?
A. Cisco TelePresence Touch 12 screen
B. center (TS1) codec
C. left (TS2) codec
D. right (TS3) codec
E. presentation (TS4) codec
Correct Answer: B

Which feature in the Cisco AMP solution provides the ability to track malware activity over time?
A. malware detection
B. sandboxing
C. blacklisting
D. trajectory
Correct Answer: D

One of the goals of geolocation is to identify which option?
A. the location of any IP address
B. the location of a MAC address
C. the location of a TCP connection
D. the location of a routable IP address
Correct Answer: D

Which option is not a characteristic of dashboard widgets or Context Explorer?
A. Context Explorer is a tool used primarily by analysts looking for trends across varying periods of time.
B. Context Explorer can be added as a widget to a dashboard.
C. Widgets offer users an at-a-glance view of their environment.
D. Widgets are offered to all users, whereas Context Explorer is limited to a few roles.
Correct Answer: B

Which option is true of the Packet Information portion of the Packet View screen?
A. provides a table view of events
B. allows you to download a PCAP formatted file of the session that triggered the event
C. displays packet data in a format based on TCP/IP layers
D. shows you the user that triggered the event
Correct Answer: C

When you are editing an intrusion policy, how do you know that you have changes?
A. The Commit Changes button is enabled.
B. A system message notifies you.
C. You are prompted to save your changes on every screen refresh.
D. A yellow, triangular icon displays next to the Policy Information option in the navigation panel.
Correct Answer: D

Which option is used to implement suppression in the Rule Management user interface? 500-005 dumps
A. Rule Category
B. Global
C. Source
D. Protocol
Correct Answer: C

FireSIGHT recommendations appear in which layer of the Policy Layers page?
A. Layer Summary
B. User Layers
C. Built-In Layers
D. FireSIGHT recommendations do not show up as a layer.
Correct Answer: C

Host criticality is an example of which option?
A. a default whitelist
B. a default traffic profile
C. a host attribute
D. a correlation policy
Correct Answer: C

FireSIGHT uses three primary types of detection to understand the environment in which it is deployed.
Which option is one of the detection types?
A. protocol layer
B. application
C. objects
D. devices
Correct Answer: B

When configuring FireSIGHT detection, an administrator would create a network discovery policy and set the action to “discover”. Which option is a possible type of discovery?
A. host
B. IPS event
C. anti-malware
D. networks
Correct Answer: A

According to Gartner, which criteria distinguish a next-generation IPS?
A. Agile Security engine, VPN, and context awareness
B. firewall capabilities, full-stack visibility, and content awareness
C. content awareness, contextual awareness, and Agile Security engine
D. full-stack visibility, contextual awareness, and network access control
Correct Answer: C

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